Food Grade Product Transport

Our History

In 1926, Joe Pomprowitz started a small trucking business in the rural farming community of Sobieski, Wisconsin. The eldest of seven children, Joe knew the family’s general store was not enough to support his widowed mother and younger siblings.

So with $200 from his mother and a loan from the bank, Joe Pomprowitz bought a used truck and began hauling. Soon, with encouragement from Helen Vanderlinden, his close friend and future bride, Joe purchased a second truck and began expansion.

Named LCL Transit for its “less than a car load” beginnings, the company grew quickly. By 1935, LCL had 10 trucks and 15 employees and was hauling for nearly every cheese processing plant in the upper Midwest. Joe and Helen Pomprowitz managed the company together for more than 30 years, eventually joined by their daughter Joan. In 1966, leadership officially passed to the second generation when Joan’s husband Bob Schaupp was elected chairman of the board.

Under the Schaupps’ direction, Stellar Express became one of six major operating companies under P&S Investment Company, Inc.: LCL Transit, LCL Bulk Transport, HFCS Transport, Morristown Express, St. Joe Express and Stellar Express, The companies specialize exclusively in liquid edible food products, and together they make P&S Investment Company the largest chocolate hauler in the nation.

Today, Stellar Express is led by Hans Schaupp, a third generation of the Pomprowitz family. Family-ownership means a great deal at Stellar Express where customer relationships are valued and honored with personal commitment and attention—just like their grandparents did.